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How to Create a Memorable phrase from the truth(s) delivered

I like to summarize my main truth(s) into a phrase people can remember.  I want to share 3 thoughts I consider when creating such a summary.

1.  The phrase must be Clear.   It must      accurately reflect the truth presented.

2.   The phrase must be Concise.  Less is more.  Too many words in the phrase and it will be forgotton.

3.  The phrase must be Catchy.  In other words, it must be something which is easy to memorize.

For example, if you were speaking about Prayer, your summary truth might be:  “You will Pray or you will Fail.”  After evaluation,  you may see how it achieves each the above criteria.  The best part?  Your truth will be remembered!

For example, if you were preaching on Biblical Forgiveness,  your summary truth might be: ” A Forgiven people is to become a Forgiving people.”  Again, your summary truth nailed each of the above criteria.

This is a sample of what I include in my Teacher Development Seminar.

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Whatever I Honor, I WILL Produce!

Whatever I honor, I WILL Produce!  What have I been honoring as a Leader?  What should I begin to honor?  I have chosen to honor Character over Talent ;  Progress over Perfection;  Effort over Execution!  Why these particular choices? Once you honor the right characteristics you soon receive the correct results.  Be patient and allow the growth process to come to fruition.

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