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Don’t let your Dream Die


This post was inspired by my youngest son John.  I hope it provides the intended encouragement to propel you towards the achievement of your dream.
I have often said, “Don’t allow your dream to die.”  Yet how easy is it to become sidetracked with  “stuff”.
Today,  my encouragement for you is for you to answer a most personal question:  “What dream, ambition, desire do you have hidden deep within your heart?”  It has been secretly begging to Resurface and have the fire and passion Rekindled.
Now that you have responded to this inner prompting, you have two choices: ” Will you Respond to, or Reject this project?  Will mankind be blessed or left to guess what great things you might have accomlished in their lives?
Today, you must move from “I Wish to I Will; from merely Dreaming to Driving Daily towards your Dream”.
If you’re ready to drive, one great piece of advice is:  “Reflect your dream in your daily agenda”.  I normally say in my Mentoring sessions: “Failure happens, but success is planned.  Success comes as a result of DOING the crucial tasks daily!
Are you ready to Plan for the accomplishment of your Passion?

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