Why would we want to hurt Anyone?


The Bible is filled with people who intentionally hurt other people.  Honestly, I don’t understand this.  Why would any of us want to hurt another individual?   Why would anyone want to cause grief and pain to another?  It amazes
me how some people can laugh and “appear” to enjoy life while making others cry a river of tears with their
harsh and hurtful words.
In I Samuel chapter 30 we read where David was hurt and his hurt ran to the depths of his soul.   What caused his grief?  The Amalekites, which were the enemy of Israel, had invaded Ziklag, defeated the Israelites, and set the city on fire.  As the city was burning, the Amalekites took each of the women and children into captivity.
Following these dreadful events, David and his men arrived at Ziklag only to see the fire burning their homes and to discover each of their women and children were now in enemy hands.
Every man was was so overcome with grief that verse four informs us that “David and his men wept until they had no more power to weep”. The unimaginable and inexplicable had actually happened.
Yet notice verse six.  David’s grief goes to another level.  Why?  Because his soldiers blamed him for their loss and the crowd was seriously considering the stoning of David.
  I have often wondered how this would help their situation at all.  There was no word of anyone killed.  So there was hope of recovering their families. Therefore, they needed David to lead them in battle to reclaim their families.

I have decided years ago that I would not allow my hurt to hurt anyone else!  I mean, hasn’t there been enough hurt distributed already?

But how can I effectively and efficiently deal with my intense pain, my hurt? During my next Blog, I shall share several ways in which David was able to encourage himself in the Lord his God (verse six). This will be crucial for you to read as there will be many times in which you will need encouragement, but your friends will likewise abandon you. It will be during this precise time that you will regrettably realize, that all you have left is God. And you will learn, that God is enough!

5 thoughts on “Why would we want to hurt Anyone?

  1. David December 5, 2012 at 4:24 pm Reply

    Dear Pastor Kilgore,

    Thanks for a great post today. I think people hurt other people because they believe deep inside that they will forgive them when it comes to someone they know. When it comes to a stranger I think it is that they don’t know them and do not care about them. Neither one should even be considered. We should not hurt one another. Hurt is part of life and it comes; but, we need to not bring about hurt on purpose.

  2. Sebastian December 12, 2012 at 10:47 pm Reply

    Wonderful post and insight!

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