A Forgiven People SHOULD become a Forgiving People


You have been hurt. And this is not the first time this person has wronged you. However, this time they crossed the line. They have hurt you for the last time. You will NOT place yourself in this position again. You realize that something must be done. The situation is not getting any better. Actually, it has only grown worse. But what should you do? What is the best way to handle the situation? And, what are your options?
The great news is that you do in fact have options. Right now you have three choices in dealing with the wrong inflicted upon you.

You see, once you have been hurt, you have the choice to either Blow up, Bottle up, or deal Biblically with the matter.


But, you protest, I just don’t feel like forgiving this person. The offenses have been too frequent and have left bitter scars uopn my heart. This is no doubt a fair assessment.
Stop for a moment and consider your treatment of the One who created you! Have you always treated God with the respect He deserves? Have you always been obedient to His Word? The answer leads to an important conclusion in your treatment of others: No one could possibly wrong you as much as you have wronged Jesus.
Understanding this will enable you to become more tolerant and willing to extend forgiveness to those who hurt you.

Forgiveness in the Bible means to send away. The Old Testament had a picture of what God does with the sins of each person who comes seeking His forgiveness. This is found in Leviticus __________ in which God……….

The idea is that God will NEVER bring those sins up against the Believer again in judgement.

LIST SEVERAL BIBLE VERSES and the east explanation I used in SS class.

I learned while taking counseling classes, that when a person speaks the following words, “I forgive you” that three promises are being made to the person that hurt you.
First, I promise that I will never bring the problem or hurt up to you! The key word is: Never! People have a way of remembering wrongs as though there were a reward to be obtained for the remembrance.


2 thoughts on “A Forgiven People SHOULD become a Forgiving People

  1. David Martin March 13, 2013 at 10:59 am Reply

    well, now i know why I like the pacific, its the deepest for my sins. Ive been studying, learning a little bit on this I think, this past week or two, what comes to my mind is what im being told is that we are to go to the person that we hurt and apoligize for hurting them, or for anything we have done wrong to them, but this is for freeing yourself from the prison of guilt that we have put on ourselfs. (I might be on a different subject here) forgiveness is a weapon us christians have that God gave us, or teaches us thru his Son Jesus Christ.


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