God Save America


I stated in my previous article the fact that “We MUST have a Revival in America“. Therefore, I feel a deep need to teach my audience more of this subject.

First, why does America need a revival?

We must have a revival which will stop the floodgates of rebellion against God.

We must have a revival which will restore the moral purity back into our once glorious nation.

We must have a revival which will put an end to the mere lip service many have offered to God.

We must have a revival which will cause God’s men to preach His Word without compromise, and without fear of offending people!

We must have a revival which will cause God’s people to have a deep sense of urgency in reaching those who are unsaved.

We must have a revival which will lead Christians to love the Lord with ALL their hearts.

Yes, we MUST have a revival in America.

Second, let us take notice of what a Revival is NOT!

It is not mere emotion. Just because some tears are shed, does not constitute a genuine revival. Though tears will invariably be present.

It is not an evangelistic Crusade, though again, revival will lead Christians to show a deep concern for the Lost, which will lead to increased witnessing for and sinners coming to Jesus Christ.

Third, what then is a genuine revival?

It is an awakening in our hearts that leads to an increased awareness of the nearness of God.

We will realize that God is ever present with us and our thoughts become filled with Him.

This of course, leads us to love Him in a deeper, richer way, perhaps more than ever before.

At this point, will you not pray a similar prayer to this daily, and throughout the day:

“Revive me again dear Lord. Revival in America must start in my heart. Send to me, my family, my Church, and to my beloved America, the revival which will cause You and Your glory to fill my heart and Church. I am aware that revival will shake things up; challenge the status quo; bring discomfort to my often cold and calloused heart. I want revival! I need revival! I greatly desire and earnestly yearn for revival! I must have a revival”!

Next week we shall discuss revival from II Chronicles 7:14.



2 thoughts on “God Save America

  1. David January 2, 2013 at 9:34 pm Reply

    Great article Pastor Kilgore! You hit the nail square on the head again.

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