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Comment from a Pastor’s Wife in Pakistan


Notes from a Pastor’s wife serving in Pakistan:

A wonderful message of encouragement.We surely need to reflect upon what God did for us in the past..He can do far above than our expectations …his plans are far greater than ours.Pastor maybe i am not a big preacher as you are…but I have Jesus in me…Just sending you a message on Trusting God When You Don’t Understand….. I like to learn…blessed to have you and your teachings.God is using you and will bless countless through you.amen

Pastor Kilgore’s Comments: Sister, I am a servant of our Lord desperately wanting to add value, hope, and encouragement to as many people as possible across this world. I am a little shot serving a great big God which is daily humbled by what God, through “each” of His servants is able to do for HIS glory!
Continue serving God faithfully and He will “continue” to bless your work in Pakistan!

How YOU can Encourage Yourself in the Lord


In I Samuel 30:6, we read of where David was forced to face some deep hurt on his own.  His city had been attacked by the Amalakites.  They had taken all of the women and children captives.  They had also set the city on fire.  His hurt and pain ran deep.  The agony that each man experienced was intense.  It was at this precise moment that David’s friends turned their backs upon him and began the talk of killing David.  They had unequivocally placed complete blame on David.
David was now forced to hurt alone.  Friends of a lifetime now wanted him dead.  David was so low in spirit that he had to reach up to touch bottom.

Have you been there?  Can you relate?  Can you identify?  Is it possible that you are currently living in the city of discouragement?   If so, you “know” the pain of abandonment during the time you need a friend(s) the most.
Now that we have admitted living in defeat, NOW is the time to rent a truck to move out of this dark, dismal city,

How can you encourage yourself in the Lord?   By Reflecting and Redirecting your thoughts.   You must Remember the following:

1.  Remember, you still have the Presence of God.  Hebrews 13: “I will NEVER leave nor forsake you”.  You are not alone! God has not abandoned you!

2.  Reflect upon the Power of God.

Reflect upon the parting of the Red Sea;
Reflect upon Daniel in the lion’s den;   Reflect upon the power of God’s spoken word in creation.

I know exactly what your troubled heart is thinking about now.  It is questioning your faith.  I know what God has done for others, but will God really help me? Will God really act on “my” behalf?
Am I really that important and do I carry any real significance with God.  Yes, 10,000 times yes.

Here is the antidote for your anxiety. I have no magic dust to sprinkle over your head to make you feel better. There are some things which you need to do to help yourself.

Remind and Record the “specific” ways in which God has answered “your” prayers over the years.   And since God has worked in your life in the past, why should you doubt that He will now?

I Peter 5:7 says: “Casting all your cares upon Him, for He careth for YOU”.

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