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America, Don’t WAIT until its too LATE!


I stood on board the Memorial looking at the same view as the above picture.  I read every name on the Memorial; even now I am feeling the deep emotion I felt while gazing below and feeling the loss of so many soldiers .  It prompts me to ask of myself, “what am I really doing for America and God?  What am I currently doing to help save America?”
One communist leader once said, “America will fall without a single shot being fired.”
America and our Churches are like frogs on the stove.  Place the frogs in a pot of boiling water and they will All react to the danger, immediately,  by jumping out!  However, place those same frogs in a lukewarm pan of water, then SLOWLY turn up the heat and they will do nothing. This will lead to their death.  America had BETTER experience a revival to avoid the same fate EVERY other once great nation had experienced. 
We can have a national  revival, “one Church at a time”.  This is what I am dedicating the fourth quarter of my life to.

God, please open doors so I may do my part to help save our Churches and America.

Is There A Hell? by Dr. Jack Hyles


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