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Assessing and Analyzing Weak Performance

Assessing and Analyzing Weak Performance

 Missionary Jim Kilgore


How many times have the Pastor, Director, or Supervisor agonized over a performance problem in the Church or Business?   During the interview process, all of the questions seemed to be answered correctly;  the attitude seemed to be so positive;  and you were convinced of a solid, “Better than Average” work ethic. 

Yet as time went on you noticed the enthusiasm waning;  the performance objectives simply were not being met;  and you even discovered that this individual was just “putting in their time.”  Yes, they displayed a lot of Activity, yet so little Accomplishment. 

You were at a loss for words.  What has happened, you asked yourself? What started with high expectations has turned into what might become a “Big Bust” if things do not change, and change rather quickly.

Now you find yourself in a quandary.  What shall I do now?  What are the next steps that must be taken?  I do not want to fire this young preacher?  Yet if his performance does not improve, what choice will I have?

These are some fair questions you might be asking, however they are three questions that I have earned from “Experience” to ask, and then prayerfully answer. 

As a leader, you compromise the team by failing to address poor performance. When I noticed someone had developed a pattern of poor work, I would ask the following questions about the individual.  You must as well.

(1)   Are they ‘In Over their Heads’?   If so, TRAINING is the Solution
  • If I determine that someone is, it is ‘over their heads,’ it is at this point that I ask myself the following question.  Are they in this position because it is a matter of ‘Skill or Will?’
  •  If it is a ‘Will’ issue, then I will discipline the individual and provide a development plan to improve performance.  If it is a  ‘Skill’ issue, then I will provide additional training.

(2)   Are they Sitting in the WRONG Seat? If so, TRANSFERRING is the Solution

I ask myself, “Do I have the right person sitting in the wrong seat on the bus?  Someone may have abundant ability, and yet still perform poorly if they are in the wrong position. If this is the case, consider the possibility of transferring them to another role, that may be much better suited to their natural strengths.  Perhaps they are not suited to be your Youth Pastor, but you believe they could perform very well as your Evangelism Pastor.  This is a position you might consider for them, and you might well see them excel.

(3)     Are they Unwilling to Change?    If so, TERMINATION is the Solution

It’s Not Your Job to “Fix” Every Under-performer. This sounds so harsh, but the hardest lesson in leadership for me to accept over the years has been to accept that I could not help everyone to become a top performer.  I could teach, train, coach, motivate, but in some cases, we must finally admit that we made an unwise selection choice. 

Years ago I had inherited a full-time Assistant Pastor that was a definite under-achiever. There is no doubt but that he had the spiritual gifts, talent, and ability to succeed in this position.  However, he simply was not performing well at all.  He would often be at home when he should had been at work.  So I was faced with a critical decision concerning him.

 I was forced to ask each of the above questions, and determined that he possessed  a Will issue rather than a Skill issue.   We needed to move on in different directions, but as friends.

As leaders, we put faith in our people; we care deeply about those in our charge, and we definitely believe in their ability to grow and contribute. For these reasons, we can sometimes be tempted to help under-performers more than is wise. We think that by devoting extra attention to them we can lead them to succeed. However, while we are responsible to them, we aren’t responsible for them. Ultimately, only they can make the changes needed to bring their performance up to a satisfactory level. 


As a Leader, How do you Determine Whether Spending Extra Time Coaching an Under-Performer Will Be Profitable or Pointless?

Have You Lost Your Purpose?

Have You Lost Your Purpose?        I Samuel 17 


What are you truly passionate about?  What makes you want to get up out of bed every morning?   What, at the mere thought of it, incites you to action?   In other words, “What is your purpose in life?”

Many people have a position, perhaps as a Pastor, Sunday School Teacher, Youth Director, or as the CEO of a Company.  Even though they possess a position, they might admit they have lost their passion for this position.

The mistake often made is when a person Possesses a Position without a Purpose, this will lead to a spirit of Complacency.   Time is far too short to allow Complacency to enter into our lives and ministry. In I Samuel 17:29 we see where David had a cause.  His cause was to defeat the giant Goliath because he was mocking God and God’s people.      Again I ask you,  “What is your Purpose?  What is it that drives you each day?” What are you truly focused on?

  More specifically,what is your purpose in being a Leader?  Hopefully, it is to Influence others Biblically and to Impact this world for Jesus Christ.   Why do you want to help people?  Finally ask yourself this question, “What is the contribution that you want to make in your lifetime?” No matter what your age, or what position you are in your life, you will never finish contributing. A truly great leader is someone who is always seeking to do more for God and to impact this world for Jesus Christ!.


Is your Purpose Being Pursued with Passion?


When you find a Purpose that is Bigger than anything you ever dreamed of, and Pursue it with Passion, it’s amazing how the supernatural can become the normal.  God wants Men and Women of Purpose, Passion, and Power to Pursue the Phenomenal for Him!  


Will you ask God to Provide the Passion you once had?   You Can Do Something truly Significant for God IF you will believe in God’s ability to work though you for His glory!

Pastor, Missionary, Evangelist, when you answered God’s call to preach, what did you one day hope to accomplish for the Cause of Christ? What was your over-riding purpose?  Are you closer to the achievement of this cause?  Has your passion for this cause grown over the years?  Has it intensified?


Or, has something sidetracked you and made this cause appear to be too complicated for you to pursue anymore?   Listen, “Don’t let your Dream Die!  Get back into the battle and get busy for God once again.    Don’t listen to those who have discouraged you from pursuing God’s Dream for your life.  I am glad that Samson did not listen to that inner voice that said, “You have sinned, you can no longer serve God.”  

The Bible clearly teaches that we all have much usefulness in us. We are important to God!   Therefore, get on your knees, accept God’s forgiveness, and ask God to use you for Him once again.   Listen to those who are encouraging you to do more for God rather than those who says, “You have blown it; God will never use you again; it is all over for you.”  John 8:44 reminds us Satan is a liar and the Father of it.  Will you believe God or will you continue to believe Satan?

   I thank God that Samson, even with the scars of sin so evident, was able to be used of God in a great way before he died.   I am glad that John-Mark, who once quit on God, repented of his sin and was able to become most profitable to God and more specifically, the Apostle Paul.  Paul asked for John-Mark to come to him prior to his death.   God was still using John-Mark.  


Every Person in the Bible had Failed God


Show me one person in Bible that did not fail God at some point in their lives; yet God was able to use them after thoroughly getting right with God.   Adam and failed God through their disobedience; Abraham failed in his lack of faith and disobedience;  Moses murdered a man;  David committed adultery and even set up the woman’s husband to be killed in battle;  Peter failed Jesus by denying Him three times in one evening.  Yet they were all used of God after they returned to God and accepted God’s grace and forgiveness.    I am not glorifying sin, but I am demonstrating the grace of God in the lives of people that have failed.  Perhaps we failed in our walk with God; perhaps failed financially; perhaps in a new endeavor. Yet we can may still be able to accomplish great things for God.  


Failing is Reversible!


To use an old saying from our friends in Texas, “It does not matter how much milk you spill as long as you don’t lose the cow.”  Once again, failings are not irreversible.  Keep things in perspective; learn from them; and use them to help other people.

I believe that you Can and Must move forward on the heels of Adversity and Failing.    I have asked myself the following questions to assist me in moving forward when things did not go as planned:

A)    God, what are you trying to teach me through this situation?  What wrong assumptions did I make?   What “Blind-spots” are you revealing to me?

B)     God, how can I use my mistakes/sins to help other people?

C)    God, are you opening a new door of ministry for me through this failing

Listen, you must quit allowing your past to hold you hostage today!

I greatly desire to add value to other people.   I have lived my life trying to see other people ‘with the ability to become’!   I strongly believe there is something useful in EVERY person, no matter what their past or present is like, God can still use them!   I believe it is our responsibility to encourage and to provide Biblical Hope to others. 

I personally believe that the greatest difference between those who remain Average and those that Achieve great things in life, will be determined in part, by each individual’s perception and response to failings.    You can look at the failing as an end to your calling and dreams, or, you can choose to use those failings to increase your ability to succeed for the cause of Jesus Christ!


Will YOU choose to Accept life as a Hostage to your failings, or will YOU choose to Answer the above questions that will focus on Your Future, rather than your Past!  The Choice Really is Yours!

JimKilgoreMinistries Announcing a New CD Leadership Series

Leadership 1

JimKilgoreMinistries is pleased to announce that it will begin the  recording of its brand-new Christian Leadership Series.   Recording will begin later this week, October 3, 2014, and is expected to have the series completely recorded by October 15, 2014. 

Look for updates on each CD as it is recorded at:   Each CD will be 60 – 90 minutes in length and will sell for $10 USD, which includes Shipping and Handling.   You may also order the Complete Eight CD Collection for only $65 USD.   This will result in a $15 SAVINGS to you!

We at JKM deeply desire for the content to “Add Value” to  Christian Leaders in the Church, Business, or Family.

       All money received from the sale of this Christian Leadership Series will be used to purchase Airfare tickets to wins souls and start Churches on ALL 7 Continents.   


  •  A Leader’s Job is To PROVIDE H.O.P.E.
  • Seven Absolutely Critical Qualities to Search for in the Selection of Potential Leaders.
  • How Any Preacher Can Develop Godly Leadership  in their Church.  
  •  Mentoring: What is a Mentor and How can I Effectively Mentor Those on my Team or in my Church?
  • Coaching with Success: Steps to  Improve Performance of those on Your Team.
  • Cautions of A Leader!
  • Maintaining Your Leadership Focus:   Paul said,  “This one thing I do.”  Many Pastors have so many tasks that it is easy to lose their main focus.  This study will deal with several Principles to keep your Ship Sailing in the right direction.
  • Vision: How to Create, Cast, and Communicate a Clear and Consistent Message.

These Biblical Principles can be used in the workplace as well as in the Local Church. I have used the principles in this Leadership Series for 40 years. Much of what you will hear will be contained in my book on Leadership.

May this series   “Add Great Value” to those which Listen to; Learn from; and Live the Biblical Principles.   

  You may contact us at: if you would like to Pre-Order this Vital Leadership Series.

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