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My New Year’s Desire for My World

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My New Year’s Desire For The World

This is my dear and treasured  Friend, Pastor Jonathan Aparre from Bohol, Philippines.   As you read my “testimony” today, I want you to see the people that  I see when I visit Countries, as an Ambassador of Jesus Christ.  Look at his smile!   Look into his eyes and see the joy of Jesus Christ that he has!  Feel the love that exudes from this godly man!   He was one of hundreds just like this!


In less than three weeks my ministry will lead me to spread the Gospel in two North west African nations.   I have many Friends from Benin and Nigeria.  I will be honored to preach the wedding service of a godly young man from Nigeria,  Abraham Adeyemi.    Look into this man’s eyes and notice the love of Jesus that is written all over his face.


How can we remain with yet another year of prejudice?  Of fighting, and killing, and war?    How can we NOT support missions?  What if Missionaries would NOT had been able to take the Gospel to Countries just like these?

I have been thinking a lot about my family and my Facebook family the last few days, more so than usual. Just thinking about the friends that I have in my life, people that I honestly, sincerely feel, that we are good friends on 6 of the 7 continents, in well over 70  countries.

The thought that continues to strike me is that IF everyone in the world were  like  my Facebook friends,every war would be over;  people would truly be looking to meet the needs of one another countries and families;  they would do away with the racial prejudices that so many countries have of another country. God and I have no time for Prejudice!   I have been to many countries in my lifetime, and do you know what I have discovered?.

My Personal Discovery as an Ambassador for Jesus Christ

Every Family that I have ever met, loves their family,  just as much as I love mine.   Every family has accepted me as part of their family. No racial barriers, no feeling of superiority, just complete acceptance and Christian love..

I have even found in each country visited, that I have been treated with complete respect, even among non Christians..

I am fully aware that in every country, including my own, that we have some that do not behave like this towards people from other countries.  This of course breaks my heart and must certainly grieve the heart of God.    Why?  Because God created man!  Why? Because God loves Every Person from EVERY Country and Tribe in this world.

The Love of God IS the Difference-Maker

God loves you dear Pakistani person! God loves you in Australia!   God loves you that has experienced so many issues from the natural disasters my precious Filipino Friends!   God loves my Friends in Germany!   God has not forgotten about you, my Friends in Cambodia and Vietnam!  God loves you Zimbabwe!  God loves you Benin and Nigeria!  God loves you Ethiopia!   India, you the second largest Country in the world, God loves you!  China and Indonesia, the Largest and fourth largest Countries in the entire world, God loves you to!  America, the third largest Country in the world, God loves you!

Yes,  God loves You! He loves each Country so much that He robbed Heaven of it’s brightest jewel when He sent His precious Son, Jesus Christ into this world of woe, and sin, and hopelessness,  in order that Jesus would become sin for EACH of us (Hebrews 2:9; John 3:16; and I Timothy 1:15), and shed His Blood as the ONLY payment for our sin!

During the past four weeks,  I have been privileged to see Jesus Christ, take the Word of God which I had the privilege of sharing and He has saved hundreds of Filipinos; God forgave a lady by the name of Shamsa, in Pakistan,  that has in less than 4 weeks, taken the Gospel to MANY Pakistani People.  Look into her sweet face as she is teaching how to be saved, from the Facebook notes I used while winning her to the Lord.    Sharing the Love and Compassion of Jesus Christ IS making a difference!!


He allowed me the honor of winning a lady from Bangalore, India to accept Jesus Christ as her Savior.  Yes,  I KNOW that God loves the World!

Yes,  I have even been so blessed as to be adopted as a father and  as a grandfather of people on several continents..

I’m thinking about the Christmas gift given to me by my international friends. You had  given my present throughout the year.  You have given me your love, your respect, your friendship, and in some cases, you even made me a part of your treasured family. What more good I hope to have for Christmas than these things?

I am so thankful for each of you. Many people I have not met face to face, yet I KNOW of your character through your comments on Facebook and through our Skype planning meetings.

My New Years wish for our world is that the world would  treat all Countries, all tribes, and People in the way that you and I have chosen to treat one another.  My great desire is that Churches would increase missionary support to get God-called Families into all Countries to spread the Gospel, which has the POWER to change lives; remove prejudice, eradicate the hatred Countries have for one another.

I am tired of war, of terrorism, of prejudice,  Our blood is ALL the same color.  Each Countries People have a heart.  Let us choose to use our hearts this year for more than just pumping our blood.   Let’s use our hearts to live for others, for in so doing we will fulfill the main law of Christ, which is to love one another (All Countries) EVEN AS Jesus hath loved us!  I love you very much and I value your friendship.

What do you think?  Can we not All commit to this?  I’d love to hear from you from all over the World!

Let us CHOOSE to become a Difference-Maker during 2014 for the Cause of Jesus Christ! 


My Life’s verse I Corinthians 7:29:  Brethren, the Time IS Short.”  Let us therefore do ALL that we can While we can!

The Importance of “Being” a Friend


More important than “having” a friend is that of “being” a friend. The Bible speaks of having a friend that sticks closer than a brother.. Driving to work today, I had been thinking about Leadership and Friendship.  I had been meditating on how vital it is that a leader focus on the encouragement of his team, family, followers, and one’s friends.

The leader must provide HOPE!  Why?  Because a Leader cannot lead others to rise to the Top while they are living on the Bottom of life! People need Hope! They need to know there is going to be a better tomorrow!  A word of encouragement from a friend, or one that is greatly respected can make all the difference in the world, to a person who is clinging to very little hope! The best way in which I provide encouragement to those who are discouraged is to remind them of God’s promises.

  • I love to remind people that God STILL loves them.  God said in Jeremiah 31:3: I have loved thee with an everlasting love.  This simply means that there is no circumstance that would cause YOUR Heavenly Father to withdrawal His love from you.  His love is everlasting!
  • I love to remind people of how much God cares about them!   Peter reminds us of God’s “personal interest” in us as he penned these words, divinely inspired by God Himself, “Casting ALL your care upon Him, (why) for He (God) careth for (who) YOU.”  I Peter 5:7.   Dear Reader, God not only loves you, but He cares deeply about the things which you are going through.   This is why God has invited YOU to cast (to toss or to throw) ALL of your cares, concerns, fears, hurts, loneliness, upon Him.  But why should you?  Because God careth for YOU!!
  • I love to remind people that God has sent a personal invitation for each Believer to come boldly into His throne of Grace.    Hebrews 4: 16 says:  “Let us therefore come boldly (confidently) unto the throne of grace, (why should we) that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.”
  • I love to remind people that God is Omnipotent, which means that our God is All-Powerful.    There is nothing too hard for our God to do on our behalf!!  Matthew 19:26 states, “But Jesus beheld (means to turn one’s eyes upon to look at) them (you) and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God ALL things are possible.”  The question was raised in Genesis 18:14, and again in Jeremiah 32:27 the following:  “Is there anything too hard for the Lord?  Jeremiah 32:17 provides us with the answer to this crucial question, “Ah Lord God!  behold, thou hast made the heaven and the earth by thy great power and stretched out arm, and there is NOTHING too hard for thee.

Aren’t you grateful to share in the promises which God has made to those of us who are Believers?   But you may be reading this article and are uncertain as to where you might spend eternity.   I would like to remind you of a few promises about eternity.

In Titus 1:2, the Bible, speaking about eternal life, makes the following promise to you. “In hope of eternal life, which God, that CANNOT lie, promised before the world began.”  God has made a commitment to man, that He would never deceive us in any way,

God made another promise to those earnestly seeking Him for eternal life, which means living with Him in Heaven.  In Romans 10:13:  “For whosoever (this means ANYONE and EVERYONE) shall call upon the name of the Lord, SHALL be saved:

Thank God for His promises which become a soft pillow for the troubled heart.

Whom do you know that needs your encouragement today?  Will you help encourage them in the Lord today?  Will you commit to focus more on “Being a Friend, than in Having a friend?   It will become a life-changing decision for you.  There are so many hurting hearts in this world.   We must be used of God to encourage and help our friends, and yes, even strangers.

Note:  Should you desire to learn more on how you can know you will go to Heaven when you die, please email me at:   I will personally call you on your phone and help you settle this matter today!!

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