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What Difference Does a Day Make?


What difference does a day make?  None you might think.  Britain’s King George III obviously felt this way as he wrote the day’s activities in his diary: “July 4, 1776–Nothing happened today.”

Nothing happened?   Really?  Are you kidding me?  That day  my country  was born.   America’s birth marked an epoch in history for the cause of human freedom.  Yet King George despised the day of small beginnings. He failed to realize the importance of that day.  He obviously viewed it as insignificant.  Perhaps he thought,  as a trend which would, as a vapor, soon  vanish away.

We have no idea what seeds of greatness the African prayer chain, which currently stands at exactly 250 godly Pastors and their  praying  will do for “ALL” of Africa. 

After visiting Africa and witnessing the mighty hand of God in saving 152 souls in such a short period of time, through preaching and street soul-winning, Mufokase now  has many people going out evangelizing and soul winning.  Please, do not despise the days of small beginnings!   God  IS  at work in Africa. I have been communicating with Pastors all over Africa and learning of their intense desire and earnest prayer for revival.  Yes God is starting a movement in Africa which can only be quenched by our sin, unbelief, and casual approach to Christianity.

Don’t underestimate the power of one or two godly men and women begging Heaven for a spiritual movement which can change the course of a Nation! 

II Chronicles 7:14 says: “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven. And forgive their sin, and heal their land.”

As we look into God’s Promise for Revival,  let us take notice of the times in which this Revival promise was written.

The book begins with Solomon’s plans to build the temple in Jerusalem and ends with its destruction. Between the dedication and destruction of Solomon’s temple is about 384 years.

King Solomon heard these words at the dedication of the temple. He is told by God that disobedience and rebellion will result in judgment upon the nation of Israel. This verse is God’s promise that those who turn from their sins; call on Him and walk in His ways will experience a revival of the presence and blessing of the Lord.   Now, this is a verse to Israel, but it speaks to every generation as well. Those who meet the conditions detailed in this verse will experience the promises mentioned in this verse.

Dear Pastor, dear Christian, we need revival!  We need Revival!  We MUST HAVE A Revival!   It is not even an option anymore.  It has to happen!

We Believers love our meetings; but we need more than a meeting, we need a revival.    We need something that we cannot produce by our ownefforts. Revival is a supernatural event. It comes only by the sovereign decree of the Lord.

We can have a “meeting” where we show up and sing beautiful songs;  we can have a “meeting” where the Evangelist shows up;  we can have a “meeting” where visitors show up.  However,  what every  Country, Continent, and Church needs is for God to show up and meet with His Church!!         All is in vain until the Holy One of God descends down to meet with the Believer.  When God shows up, then things begin to happen!  Souls will be saved;  sins in the Church will be confessed and forsaken; the believer will see God in His glory!

No,  we cannot have a revival unless the Lord gives it! We can only meet the requirements set forth in the above verse, and that will make revival much more likely.

During the next few days, please get alone with God and  express your desire to have God show up in your life, your Church, your Country, and yes—Your Continent!!  Remind God of your intense desire to Pay whatever Price is necessary to change the course of a Continent for His glory.

The Psalmist, in Psalm 85:6 prayed to His Father, “wilt thou not revive USagain: that thy people may rejoice in thee?”

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