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How Deeply Do We Christians Really Care About Global Missions?


How Deeply Do We Christians Really Care About Global Missions?

This is a parable about how we so often focus in certain areas with the Gospel and yet we neglect the vast majority of the people in the world. Years ago someone told me, “The Good news of the Gospel is ONLY Good news IF it reaches them in time. I believe this old story from 1979 should shed light on the Churches failure to reach the Unreached.

 This is a Mission’s Parable about Lost People and Putting Global Evangelism Statistics and Numbers in Perspective.


   Are you familiar with the parable Jesus told about the lost sheep? Here’s one on a similar note except that it’s about the RUINED apples from a potentially PLENTIFUL harvest.

    Once upon a time, there was an apple grower who had acres and acres of apple trees. In all, he had 10,000 acres of apple orchards.   One day he went to the nearby town. There, he hired 1,000 apple pickers. He told them:

   “Go to my orchards. Harvest the ripe apples, and build storage buildings for them so that they will not spoil. I need to be gone for a while, but I will provide all you will need to complete the task. When I return, I will reward you for your work.”

    “I’ll set up a Society for the Picking of Apples. The Society — to which you will all belong — will be responsible for the entire operation. Naturally, in addition to those of you doing the actual harvesting, some will carry supplies, others will care for the physical needs of the group, and still others will have administrative responsibilities.”

    As he set up the Society structure, some people volunteered to be pickers and others to be packers. Others put their skills to work as truck drivers, cooks, accountants, storehouse builders, apple inspectors and even administrators. Every one of his workers could, of course, have picked apples. In the end, however, only 100 of the 1,000 employees wound up as full-time pickers.

    The 100 pickers started harvesting immediately. Ninety-four of them began picking around the homestead, (Local Missions). The remaining six looked out toward the horizon, (Global Missions). They decided to head out to the far-away orchards.

    Before long, the storehouses in the 800 acres immediately surrounding the homestead had been filled by the 94 pickers with beautiful, delicious apples. The orchards on the 800 acres around the homestead had thousands of apple trees. But with almost all of the pickers concentrating on them, those trees were soon picked nearly bare. In fact, the ninety-four apple pickers working around the homestead began having difficulty finding trees which had not been picked

  As the apple picking slowed down around the homestead, Society members began channeling effort into building larger storehouses and developing better equipment for picking and packing. They even started some schools to train prospective apple pickers to replace those who one day would be too old to pick apples.

  Sadly, those ninety-four pickers working around the homestead began fighting among themselves. Incredible as it may sound, some began stealing apples that had already been picked. Although there were enough trees on the 10,000 acres to keep every available worker busy, those working nearest the homestead FAILED to move into unharvested areas. They just kept working those 800 acres nearest the house. Some on the northern edge sent their trucks to get apples on the southern side. And those on the south side sent their trucks to gather on the east side.

    Even with all that activity, the harvest on the remaining 9,200 acres was left to just six pickers. Those six were, of course, far too few to gather all the ripe fruit in those thousands of acres. So, by the hundreds of thousands, apples rotted on the trees and fell to the ground.
     One of the students at the apple-picking school showed a special talent for picking apples quickly and effectively. When he heard about the thousands of acres of untouched faraway orchards, he started talking about going there.

    His friends discouraged him. They said: “Your talents and abilities make you very valuable around the homestead. You’d be wasting your talents out there. Your gifts can help us harvest apples from the trees on our central 800 acres more rapidly. That will give us more time to build bigger and better storehouses. Perhaps you could even help us devise better ways to use our big storehouses since we have wound up with more space than we need for the present crop of apples.”

    With so many workers and so few trees, the pickers and packers and truck drivers — and all the rest of the Society for the Picking of Apples living around the homestead — had time for more than just picking apples.

    They built nice houses and raised their standard of living. Some became very conscious of clothing styles. Thus, when the six pickers from the far-off orchards returned to the homestead for a visit, it was apparent that they were not keeping up with the styles in vogue with the other apple pickers and packers.

    To be sure, those on the homestead were always good to those six who worked in the far away orchards. When any of those six returned from the far away fields, they were given the red carpet treatment. Nonetheless, those six pickers were saddened that the Society of the Picking of Apples spent 96 percent of its budget for bigger and better apple-picking methods and equipment and personnel for the 800 acres around the homestead while it spent only 4 percent of its budget on all those distant orchards.

    To be sure, those six pickers knew that an apple is an apple wherever it may be picked. They knew that the apples around the homestead were just as important as apples far away. Still, they could not erase from their minds the sight of thousands of trees which had never been touched by a picker, (This is the DEEP, DEEP burden on my heart.  People in the MILLIONS are dropping into hell without EVER hearing the Gospel.  Oh my soul is so heavy as I look into the faces of those people whose countries i try to evangelize.  Don’t they deserve a chance to hear the Gospel at least once?).

    They longed for more pickers to come help them. They longed for help from packers, truck drivers, supervisors, equipment-maintenance men, and ladder builders. They wondered if the professionals working back around the homestead could teach them better apple-picking methods so that, out where they worked, fewer apples would rot and fall to the ground.

    Those six sometimes wondered to themselves whether or not the Society for the Picking of Apples was doing what the orchard owner had asked it to do.

    While one might question whether the Society was doing all the owner wanted done, the members did keep very busy. Several members were convinced that proper apple picking requires nothing less than the very best equipment. Thus, the Society assigned several members to develop bigger and better ladders as well as nicer boxes to store apples. The Society also prided itself at having raised the qualification level for full-time apple pickers.

    When the owner returns, the Society members will crowd around him. They’ll proudly show off the bigger and better ladders they’ve built and the nice apple boxes they’ve designed and made. One wonders how happy that owner will be, however, when he looks out and sees the acres and acres of untouched trees with their unpicked apples.

Original version appeared in Let’s Quit Kidding Ourselves About Missions, Moody Press. © 1979 by The Moody Bible Institute. Edited and revised by Howard Culbertson.

My Dear Friends, “Untold Billions REMAIN Untold”


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HOW CAN WE DO MORE FOR MISSIONS? Understanding Faith Promise Mission’s Giving


HOW CAN WE DO MORE FOR MISSIONS?   Understanding Faith Promise Mission’s Giving


How can we increase our ability to do more for missions? How can we do our part to send more Missionaries to the field so they can start winning souls?   How can we “find the money” to support missions?     These are questions that good Pastors and Church leaders are asking continually.

So often these good Pastors are requested by many good, sound, and Biblical Missionaries to come and present their ministries to their Churches.   More often than not, this is the dreaded reply, “Brother, I would LOVE to have you, but we are experiencing tough times and we simply do not have any extra money for missions. As a matter of fact, we are struggling to maintain support for the ones we already have committed to.”

I am sure that most of these Pastors are troubled with telling us Missionaries these facts. So what is the solution? When I was a pastor I held a Faith promise Mission’s Conference each year. The results were amazing. Each year we were able to do two things. First, we were able to increase the support of our existing Missionaries (many Missionaries lose a lot of support while they are on the field), and we were able to ADD new missionaries to our Mission’s Team.

On my Facebook page (, I raised a heart-searching question that I think is vital for missions advancement.

Two Crucial Questions to Ask of Yourself, and of Your Church


*   What exactly are YOU and your Church doing for Global missions?

*   Second, have you increased your efforts for Global Missions in 2015 from 2014?


The way this can happen is by holding Yearly Faith Promise Mission’s Conferences. This did so much spiritually for our Churches.   Tithes increased as people learned the Biblical basis for giving; Mission’s dollars dramatically increased year after year; and even our offerings increased as a result of our faith Promise Mission’s Conferences. A side benefit was that our Churches came as close to revival after such a meeting as ANY meeting we ever had on our yearly calendar.

FAITH PROMISE GIVING is relatively new to some Christians and many people have misunderstandings about its meaning.  In this study, we will teach on the Biblical basis of faith promise missions and answer some key questions that people have asked. Hopefully, this will prove of assistance to all.



Answer: Faith Promise Giving is trusting God, by faith, to enable you to give extra money, above your tithe, to the mission program of your church.



Answer: According to II Corinthians 10:15-16, it accomplishes a 3-fold purpose.

     *   It increases the faith of the believer and the church body collectively.

     *  It enlarges the mission outreach of the church accordingly

     *  It reaches more people with the gospel of Jesus Christ that are in the regions beyond.



Answer: God gives us the plan of Faith Promise Giving in II Corinthians 9:6-10.   This is it. You pray and ask God how much He would have you to trust Him to give to the work of missions. As God impresses a certain amount upon your heart that He would like to give through you, then you promise to give that amount by faith. THAT IS FAITH PROMISE GIVING!! The promise is found in  II Corinthians 9:6, “He that soweth sparingly, shall reap also sparingly, but he that soweth bountifully, shall reap also bountifully.” In verse 8, God said, “And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound in every good work.” God will simply use you as a channel in order to give what He would have you give to the work of world-wide evangelization through your church.



Answer: Tithes are taught in the Bible and are based upon your known income; they are to go to the work of the local church. A FAITH PROMISE GIFT is NOT your tithe nor part of your tithe. FAITH PROMISE GIVING is letting God use you as a channel to place extra money into His work!  You ask God how much HE wants You to trust Him to provide through You.  When He places the amount upon your heart, you make your promise to Him by faith!!! New participants can start at any level.

[Involvement is what is most important. Even if only a small amount per week, you are doing something regularly for worldwide missions!  HOWEVER: You shouldn’t give to Faith Promise unless you are first tithing.]



Answer: In II Corinthians 8 and 9, we find the principle of giving by faith. It is referred to as a grace. II Corinthians 8:3 says they gave “to their power” and then “beyond their power”. “To their power” refers to the regular tithe. “Beyond their power” refers to giving more than they could afford or beyond their limits of ability. They gave and trusted God to supply “all their needs” II Corinthians 9:8.



Answer: NO. A commitment is made between you, your church, and God. Once you make that commitment, you are obligated to fulfill it. The Faith Promise is made between you and God and the only person who will knock on your door is God. No attempt is made to collect a FAITH PROMISE. It is a matter between you and God.



Answer: Faith Promises are usually made at the close of the mission’s conference. After praying about it, each person marks the amount (weekly) that they feel God wants to give through them. These cards are turned in unsigned and are used by the church only to determine how to plan the giving for the coming year. Do not ask others how much they give.



Answer: Scripture teaches us that we should purpose in our heart and then we should so give. Paul says that it is giving by faith and trusting God to meet your needs. Luke 6:38 says, “Give and it shall be given unto you; Good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, shall men give unto your bosom. For with the same measure that you mete withal, it shall be measured to you again.”


Faith Promise Giving Causes One’s Faith in God’s Ability to Increase


It motivates the believer to trust God more in every phase of their lives. It leads to the kind of faith that says to the mountain, “Be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea, and it shall be done.” “Should I try Faith Promise Giving?” God invites you to experiment. II Corinthians 9:13 says, “While by the experiment of this ministration they glorify God…unto the gospel of Christ, and for your liberal distribution unto them, and unto ALL MEN.”  


You Can Help Us Reach the World for Christ Through Faith Promise Missions Giving

For those who have already been involved and are continuing a pledge: the challenge each year is to grow in faith. Please consider an increase in your promise for the sake of lost souls, and as a step of ever increasing faith!

I would encourage you to prayerfully consider what God might have you to do, as a Church, or as a Christian that believes in starting Churches in many different countries across the world.  

 You may help support this ministry, and the pastors starting churches with us by following this link to our website and going directly to our “Contribution’s Tab.”


Then you may support this ministry and or support a National Preacher.   We need your help to start more Churches.  

In early 2015, a Pakistani Evangelist told me that he had 100 men that feared no one but Jesus Christ, and who would live for soul-winning and starting Churches ready for my word to assist this ministry. I need YOUR financial assistance to move forward in a country that is 96.4% Muslim.


Will you help us today to reach those that are not being reached for Jesus Christ? We have an open door, but doors in these countries do not remain open long. NOW is the time to walk through this door in Pakistan.  

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Untold Billions REMAIN Untold
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